1. I Am Servant of Your Voice: April-May, 1917
    Zabelle Panosian

  2. And Two Partridges II: From the Earliest Turkish-, Arabic- & Kurdish-Language Recordings in America, Feb-Aug, 1916

  3. Very Sweet: Armenian-American Independent Releases, vol. 2 ca. 1926-29

  4. Oh My Soul: Armenian-American Independent Releases, vol. 1: ca. 1920-25

  5. Astronomeous

  6. When I See You: From the November 1917 Recordings, NYC
    Kemany Minas & Garabet Merjanian

  7. Can All Times Be One?: Solo, Duo & Trio Performances From 1950s Indepent U.S. Labels
    Udi Hrant

  8. Mid-Eastern Meditations
    Dr. J.K. Sutherland

  9. Ecstatic & Wingless: Bird-Imitation on Four Continents, ca. 1910-44

  10. To What Strange Place: The Music of the Ottoman-American Diaspora, 1916-30

  11. An Unseen Cloud: Commercial American Indian Recordings of the late-40s to mid-50s

  12. Near Eastern Music in NYC From the Metropolitan​​-​​Kaliphon​​-​​Balkan Labels, 1940s​​-​​50s, Vol. 3: Bulgarian, Greek, Jewish & Turkish Performers

  13. Near Eastern Music in NYC From the Metropolitan​-​Kaliphon​-​Balkan Labels, 1940s​-​50s, Vol. 2: Armenian Singers

  14. And Two Partrigdes: From the Earliest Commercial Turkish-Language American Recordings, 1912

  15. Near Eastern Music in NYC From the Metropolitan-Kaliphon-Balkan Labels, 1940s-50s, Vol. 1
    Marko Melkon

  16. Violets For Your Furs
    Ian Nagoski

  17. Funeral Dance in the Mountains: Rural Percussion (& Vocal) Ethnographic Recordings from Southeast Asia

  18. A Better Cure: A Brief History of the Okeh Laughing Record & Its Progeny, 1906-1946

  19. Effortless Battle
    Ian Nagoski

  20. The Magic Sunflower
    Blaster Al Ackerman

  21. Warm, Coursing Blood
    Ian Nagoski

  22. The Lighthouse, the Rooster, the Tears: mid-20th century Brazilian folk recordings

  23. Canary Records 5 Year Anniversary Compilation

  24. Brass Pins & Pearls: International 78s

  25. The Further the Flame, the Worse it Burns Me: Greek Folk Music in New York City, 1919-1928
    Marika Papagika

  26. Bed of Pain: Rembetika 1930-55

  27. Ustad Abdul Karim Khan: 1934-1935
    Abdul Karim Khan

  28. What Remains of Eden: Anatolian & Levantine Music from 78s, ca. 1928-52

  29. No One Cares: International 78rpm discs, ca. 1912-55

  30. Hata Unacheza: Sub-Saharan Acoustic Guitar & String Music, ca. 1960s

  31. Love is a One-Way Traffic: Groovy East Asian Chicks, 1960s-70s

  32. To Drive Away the Vampires: Balkan Folk Musics, 1930s-80s

  33. Deep Shadow: Musics of Indochina & Indonesia, 1920s-40s

  34. Missa pro defunctis (The Requiem Mass) from the Solesmes edition
    Choir of the Pius X School, Manhattanville, Purchase, NY

  35. To What Strange Place B-Sides: more songs of the Ottoman-American diaspora, 1909-29

  36. When the Moon Goes Down in the Valley of Time: African-American Gospel, 1939-51

  37. 100 Moons: Hindustani Vocal Art, 1930-55

  38. I'm Burning, I'm Burning: Urban Greek Songs, 1933-37
    Rita Abatzi

  39. Nightingales & Canaries, vol 1: "Oriental" Women on Record, New York & Istanbul, 1928-55

  40. Rocket Infinity: the Global Rise of Rockin' Music, 1942-62

  41. Kesarbai Kerkar: 1944-1953
    Kesarbai Kerkar

  42. The Widow's Joy: Eastern European Immigrant Dances in America, 1925-30


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early 20th century masterpieces (mostly) in languages other than English.

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