1. His Delicious Voice So Liquid: The Complete May 1927 Nightingale Recordings
    Beatrice Harrison

  2. America the Sweet: Arab-American Music, 1913-23 (& ca. 1950)
    Alexander Maloof

  3. Calm When You Passed By: Aotearoa Songs 1927-29
    Ana Hato and Deane Waretini

  4. I Love You and I'm Sure: Arabic Songs in the U.S. 1927-28
    Edna Marrache السيدة ادما مراعش

  5. Quatuor pour le fin du temps: the First Recording
    Olivier Messiaen

  6. In an Egyptian Garden
    Adjin Asllan, Tarik Bulut, the Garabed Brothers, et al

  7. What Holds the Flames Together: Matts Arnberg Recordings of Instrumental Swedish Village Music, 1948-51

  8. Opening a Window to Cosmic Love: Private Acetate Discs ca. 1946-55
    Alan Hovhaness

  9. Armenian Songs in Constantinople & New York, 1914-26
    Armenag Shah-Mouradian

  10. Anastenaria: Thracian Firewalking Ritual Music

  11. My Lord Lives in America: Arab-American Songs in California ca. 1940
    Braheen Abdo Urban

  12. Let's Add Raki to Wine: Women in Istanbul ca. 1931-46

  13. Canary Anniversary Sampler: Ottoman-American Recordings Since TWSP, Sept. 1912 to April 1932

  14. Under the Counter: U.S. Sleaze & Stag Recordings ca. 1940s-50s

  15. Oh My Soul: Armenian and Turkish Language Music from the Parsekian Label in New Jersey ca. 1923-26

  16. A Diamond Ring: Armenian-American Independent Releases ca. 1922-26

  17. The Undertaker's Picnic: Armenian Kef Music in Fresno, ca. 1940s-50s
    Oscar Kevorkian & Mesrob Takakjian

  18. The Taste of My Heart: Greek Women Singers ca. 1937-57

  19. Cross the Bridge: Polish-American Dances & Songs, Feb. 1926 - March 1931

  20. 3 Ballads of Murdered Mexican Revolutionaries: Aug. 1923 - Jan. 1935

  21. When I See You: Dec. 1916 - Nov. 1917
    Kemany Minas

  22. If I Were a Nightingale: Turkish & Armenian Language Recordings in NYC, Dec. 1916 - June 1921

  23. Songs and Dances of Greece: Early 1950s Istanbul Recordings
    Roza Eskenazi

  24. Beautiful Howling Journey: Popular Songs in Constantinople 1905-07
    Hafouz Achir Effendi

  25. More Notes from Home: Imports for Near Eastern Immigrants Vol II 1905-24

  26. Uncle Ali: Touring Turks in New York City ca. 1951

  27. You Are the Light of the World: Antiochian Byzantine Hymnody in Toledo, Ohio ca. 1940s
    Archbishop Samuel David

  28. The Dull Hatchet: Late 1940s Lemko Instrumentals in Brooklyn NY

  29. No News From Tomorrow: Greek and Turkish Speaking Jewish Women in New York, ca. 1942-50

  30. You Hurt My Feelings: Ottoman Folk Music in NYC, October 1919 - May 1921
    Mary Steele

  31. What Makes You Happy: Greek Music in New York, December 1918 - January 1929
    Marika Papagika

  32. Canary Polka: Ukrainian Folk Music in NYC 1928-32
    Pawlo Humeniuk, Michala Thomasa & Pals

  33. Hi-Fi Adventure in Asia Minor
    Marko Melkon

  34. More Notes From Home Vol 1: Imports for Near-Eastern Immigrants ca. 1927-37

  35. Send Me the Bones: From the Earliest Arab-American Recordings, Sept. 1915 - June 1919

  36. Why Don't You Tell Us the Pain You Have: Greek-American Songs, 1928 - ca. 1948
    George Katsaros

  37. The Nature Singer: His Complete Issued Recordings, February 1915 to January 1919
    Charles Kellogg

  38. Wiser Than the Wisdom of Geese: U.S. Game Culture Discs, 1940s-50s

  39. I'm Gonna Give You Everything: 1940s-50s Independent Label 78rpm Dances & Ballads of Anatolian, Greek & Levantine Immigrants

  40. The Cleopatra Record
    Joe Maneri, Udi Hrant, and Friends

  41. Sweet Spring: Armenian Sopranos, 1920s-40s

  42. Everyone is Looking at the Sun: Her Complete Recorded Works in Chronological Order, 1926-28
    Olga Mella

  43. The Water Runs Uphill: Greek Folk Music in NYC, 1921-25
    Sotirios Stasinopoulos

  44. Quilted Flowers: 1940s Albanian & Epirot Recordings from the Balkan Label

  45. I Go Around Drinking Raki: ca. 1942-51 NYC Recordings
    Marko Melkon

  46. Neither Vanquished Nor Disgraced: Three Fadistas in Lisbon, 1929-30

  47. Hearts & Livers: Global Recordings from 78rpm Discs, ca. 1928-55

  48. Complete Recordings of a 1940s Philadelphia Kef Band
    Arziv Orchestra

  49. I Was Born a Badass Chick: Greek Music in NYC in the 1940s-50s
    Virginia Magidou

  50. Folk Music of Auvergne in Paris, ca. 1927-35
    Martin Cayla & Friends

  51. I Wouldn't Sell You to Anyone: Eastern European Immigrant Musics in the U.S., 1917-29

  52. Sure of Surprises: Commercial Recordings of Unaccompanied Captive & Wild Birds from 78rpm Discs, 1913-36 (plus ca. 1949)

  53. Everything is Fake: Armenian Kef Music in NYC in the 1940s
    Edward Bogosian

  54. Apricot Tree: Soviet-Armenian Music from 78rpm Discs

  55. Why I Came to America: More Folk Music of the Ottoman-American Diaspora, ca. 1917-47

  56. Siffleuses: Professional Women Whistlers on Discs 1917-27 (+1907&1947)

  57. Don't Let Me Be Lost To You B-Sides: Armenian, Greek, Jewish & Turkish Music from the Me Re, Balkan, Metropolitan & Kaliphon labels

  58. I Am Servant of Your Voice: March 1917 - June 1918
    Zabelle Panosian

  59. And Two Partridges II: From the Earliest Turkish, Armenian & Kurdish Language Recordings in America, September 1915 - May 1916

  60. Very Sweet: Armenian-American Independent Recordings from the Pharos Label ca. 1926-29

  61. Can All Times Be One?: Solo, Duo & Trio Performances From 1950s Independant U.S. Labels
    Udi Hrant

  62. Mid-Eastern Meditations
    Dr. J.K. Sutherland

  63. Ecstatic & Wingless: Bird-Imitation on Four Continents, ca. 1910-44

  64. To What Strange Place: The Music of the Ottoman-American Diaspora, 1916-30

  65. An Unseen Cloud: Commercial American Indian Recordings of the late-40s to mid-50s

  66. And Two Partrigdes: From the Earliest Commercial Turkish-Language American Recordings, 1912

  67. A Better Cure: A Brief History of the Okeh Laughing Record & Its Progeny, 1904-1946

  68. Canary Records 5 Year Anniversary Compilation

  69. Brass Pins & Pearls: International 78s

  70. The Further the Flame, the Worse it Burns Me: Greek Folk Music in New York City, 1919-1928
    Marika Papagika

  71. Bed of Pain: Rebetika 1930-55

  72. Ustad Abdul Karim Khan: 1934-1935
    Abdul Karim Khan

  73. What Remains of Eden: Anatolian & Levantine Music from 78s, ca. 1928-52

  74. No One Cares: International 78rpm discs, ca. 1912-55

  75. When the Moon Goes Down in the Valley of Time: African-American Gospel, 1939-52

  76. 100 Moons: Hindustani Vocal Art, 1930-55

  77. I'm Burning, I'm Burning: Urban Greek Songs, 1933-37
    Rita Abatzi

  78. Nightingales & Canaries, vol 1: "Oriental" Women on Record, New York & Istanbul, 1928-55

  79. Rocket Infinity: the Global Rise of Rockin' Music, 1942-62

  80. Kesarbai Kerkar: 1944-1953
    Kesarbai Kerkar

  81. The Widow's Joy: Eastern European Immigrant Dances in America, 1925-30

  82. Hata Unacheza: Sub-Saharan Acoustic Guitar & String Music, ca. 1960s

  83. Love is a One-Way Traffic: Groovy East Asian Chicks, 1960s-70s

  84. To Drive Away the Vampires: Balkan Folk Musics, 1930s-80s

  85. Deep Shadow: Musics of Indochina & Indonesia, 1920s-50s

  86. Missa pro defunctis (The Requiem Mass) from the Solesmes edition
    Choir of the Pius X School, Manhattanville, Purchase, NY

  87. The Lighthouse, the Rooster, the Tears: mid-20th century Brazilian folk recordings

  88. Funeral Dance in the Mountains: Rural Percussion (& Vocal) Ethnographic Recordings from Southeast Asia

  89. The Magic Sunflower
    Blaster Al Ackerman

  90. The Lum & Abner of Morocco
    The Lum & Abner of Morocco

  91. Violets For Your Furs / Effortless Battle
    Ian Nagoski

  92. Warm, Coursing Blood
    Ian Nagoski

  93. Astronomeous


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early 20th century masterpieces (mostly) in languages other than English.

"Birds are the opposite of Time." - Olivier Messiaen

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